A Leaf and Pebble, Audible Version

Updated: May 4, 2020

You know what that link above is? An affiliate link to an audible membership. So if you don't already have one, do that ASAP. Why? Ok, fine, lets digress before we even get into A Leaf and Pebble's audiobook release.

1. You can listen to A LOT of books if you put a little effort in. Of the books I "read" every year, 75% are listened to an Audible. At this point, I'm listening to a book while driving, working out, and doing chores around my house.

2. It's essentially cheaper to get an audiobook than a hard copy, and if you purchase a book/audiobook, there's almost always a price decrease on the other version you didn't get.

3. It helps ME a ton. Some of the best ROI on this author thing is audiobooks. You want to help me out? Get an audiobook (and give me those sweet reviews for the love of all things delicious).

4. IT'S FREE!!! If you've not signed up yet, you can get your first couple of books for free. As in literally no cost! From there, you'll be charged (if you don't cancel, which is easy) the next month. Either way, those two free books are yours forever. It's simple and awesome.

OK. Let's get this announcement rolling.


Stats for you nerds:

Hours: ~13.5 give or take a few minutes

Voice Actor: Andrew Pond

Time to Produce: 2 months

Compensation per audiobook:

Compensation for bounties:

Number of auditions submitted: 22

I know a lot of you have been asking for this, so all (five) of you people should be celebrating raucously. If you enjoyed it, feel free to send to as many friends as you have, which brings me to my final point. If you've gotten this far, there's another step you can help me with, and hopefully help your friends.

Audible has a share function on their books, right there in the app. If you have a friend you think would like A Leaf and Pebble or just really want to support your local author, click that share button in the top right and click "Send this Book."

From there, send it to any and all the friends and family you text on a regular basis. Want to know whats COOL about this though? The same free sign up and free books applies as above AND if they already have Audible, but haven't been "sent" a book before its free for them anyways!


Here's a picture to click on if the links above aren't your speed:

Much love,

Andrew Monroe