A New York Audio Producer and Japan

A few of you won't know this, but I studied abroad in Japan while I was at Texas Tech University (more surprising possibly, the fact that I actually have any kind of formal education and was actually allowed on campus/didn't get expelled). Japan had a pretty big influence on this novel. The hot springs that Nil and Volant visit are directly influence by the hells in Beppu, Japan where my study abroad school was at. Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, or APU for short, was situated up on a mountain and kept all of us little foreigners away from the main population of the city down beneath us. Onsens, or hot springs as us English speakers know them as dotted this mountain side and were one of my most favorite aspects of Japan. All that said, I met some really cool people while studying there, and some of them have been up to some really cool things. Ok, actually, literally all of them. It's insane how interesting they've all made there lives since we were all hanging out up there. I honestly feel like I'm lacking. A lot of them inspired characters in the book, or situations and settings. This group was seriously amazing. One of these peeps, Adam, has been working on the creative front as well. They're dropping an album and it's going to be legit. If you're interested in supporting those who are fighting the good fight on independent publishing, or just like good music, you've gotta go check this stuff out.

There's little more I need to say about this. The art does all the talking for the album, and far better than I could attempt. Do yourself a favor....

Link For Stellar Music: Adam Cuthbert Ganbaru! Andrew Monroe