ACL Injury and Writing

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

This being the first post, a heads up. I'll probably be keeping a simple format on any blog posts as this website is less a blog and more of a "For-the-love-of-God, please-tell-all-your-friends-and-family-about-my-book" kind of place. That said, a little background on the end of Summer, beginning of Fall and why this book finally is getting a publish date. In August, shortly after I abandoned my brother on his birthday weekend (as is tradition somehow), I was at an Ultimate Frisbee tournament down in Houston. Honestly, I was pretty dang excited to play, and had a hell of a time getting there in the first place. Nearly immediately, I was stepped on mid-play and tore my ACL and MCL, with my LCL taking a bit of a hit in the process. For starters, it really doesn't hurt all that bad when it happens. Just want to get that out there for all those who be making big noise and carrying on. I see you.

But that's not the point. The real point is I now was grounded on the couch with a pair of crutches that were rather unpleasant, a laptop to work remotely, and a lot of time to think. This book has been an on and off project since my sophomore year at Texas Tech. Shout out to J&B Coffee for helping me develop a caffeine addiction. With the extra time, and a lot less excuse, I decided to dig down and actually finish the dang book. A few friends had worked through edits with me that I still needed to read through. Once I finished those up, I'm at the point where a final format edit, and some minor scene rewrites are all that's needed. Realizing that I'd finally come to the end of a way over procrastinated project, my busted up knee and I went to work jumping through the Amazon hoops to get the book out there. Currently, I'm walking again, and my editing slowed down a little bit as I celebrated with lots of ice cream and cuddles with the cute girl down the hall. But it'll still be months before I'm able to claim back to functional, which should leave plenty of time to get this bad boy out to you all and hopefully only disappoint the harshest of readers. I'm not recommending you go find a major injury to spur you onto accomplishing your goals, but maybe it'd be ok to pretend if you need to find a bit of motivation. And as an aside, if you have any questions about what to do when you have crap insurance, a jacked up knee, or a book you're wanting to self-publish, I would LOVE to dig deeper with you into what I ran into and what kind of mistakes I made, and the luck I've had.

If you're curious on how to help, check out my post about buying my love: P.S. Hey Blue Cross Blue Shield, if somebody over there's reading this, suck an egg. Y'all bitches be evil. -Andrew Monroe