All the Many Ways to Make Me Love You

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

This is the post where I beg. I plead. I'm on bended knee, asking for your support. Self-publishing means all the marketing and money and work getting my book in front of readers falls on me. So please, with a cherry on top, pick something from below and give it a shot for me. None of this costs you anything and is priceless to me. That said, if you're curious on the why's, want to talk about marketing, or how I got to this spot in the first place, feel free to shoot me a message and I'd love to help! Thanks, fam!


Reviews are king here.

I of course would love a 5-star from you, but honestly, even a bad review is better than nothing. That said, PLEASE actually write out something in your review. Talk about the book, talk about my lack of good looks, wax eloquent on what you had at the coffee shop. Just make it long-ish if possible. Along with that, orders of course help, but I don't want you spending money if you don't want to read it. So add it to a wish list, send the book to friends and family, share it on your page or your blog or your YouTube. Anything that points back to that book or your review of it is GOLD. Here's a link: A Leaf and Pebble on Amazon


Oh look, a place that you can like and review books. Reviews would be excellent from you! Same as with Amazon, a 5-star review would be great, but any review with a bit of information associated with it would be amazing. Beyond giving me the so-very-much-needed review, adding the book to your to read, currently reading, want to read, or read list would be pretty sweet. Also, adding it to any listicles you have on there would be cool too. Finally, and this is a cool feature of Goodreads, recommendations. I don't want you doing this if you don't actually recommend the book, but if you do, PLEASE send it along to your friends on Goodreads who would enjoy it!

Here's the link: A Leaf and Pebble on Goodreads


This is a like function. Please share my page, like it, comment on posts, or post things to it. Share with your friends, family, and anyone you want to annoy further on there. (This goes for any of the social medias, honestly...)

Here's the link: Andrew Monroe on Facebook


You're already here, but hey, there's always something that helps. Sharing my website on any of your socials, webpages, content generating engines, or scratching into the table nearest you will help my site get higher on the Google list. If you've done ALL of that, you could also subscribe. That's the neighborly thing to do, and we're all still trying to make Mr. Roger's proud. Here's the link: A Leaf and Pebble Homepage

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* Seriously, these are incredibly important for me to get my novel out to people who would enjoy it. And more seriously, I'm incredibly grateful to you for even reading this post whether or not this gets me any reviews or shares. -Andrew Monroe