DRM FREE (thats about Kindle, not drugs)

You know what I loved as a kid, and still love to this day? Giving friends a book I enjoyed, especially right after reading it. This was how I participated in a lot of different friendships, especially pre-Facebook days. So what does that have to do with modern writing? Digital purchases generally come with something called DRM on them. You can click the link there to learn more deeply about it, but essentially, this is a bit of coding that prevents you from sharing or pirating a digital product. It's not a bad idea when it comes to piracy. The age of the internet means there's a lot of products out there that you can get online that you really should be buying. But do books count? I don't think so.

Of course, I think of this as a way to lend a book to your friend, not thousands of strangers all at once. For a lot of authors, that would be akin to stealing from them. I won't say there wrong, as they've probably thought about it far more than I have. For me though, I HATE the idea of DRM on my books, so I made sure it wasn't included.

If you're not following, that means any Kindle copy of A Leaf and Pebble is stripped of anything that would prevent you from downloading the file, and sending it to a friend to share.

In my opinion, DRM really only hurts the paying customers. It makes it harder for you to have the book you bought on multiple devices, and also doesn't allow you the real freedom that buying a product normally offers a consumer. I think that's wrong. If you have any questions on why I think this is important, hit a brother up! Hope this is somewhat enlightening! Thanks, and keep sharing those stories around :) Much love fam, Andrew Monroe

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Since giving people books shifted as the world evolved, TV shows and Movies became my love language in making friends. Don't worry, I still give them books. But I have to meet new people somehow before I can give said literature to them.