Were You Still Talking With Joel Albrecht (A Podcast Appearance)

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

TL:DR- In case you care about nothing but listening to the episode: Joel Albrecht and Andrew Monroe on Were You Still Talking? OK, lets get the elephant in the room out of the way first- my bad on the lack of blog posts. Quick update to make myself feel better about not having posted here in a hot minute-

Writing on book 2 is coming along well (ish), I'm roughly halfway finished. There was also a house purchase, a lot of updating on said house, and I've been working on some more physical projects with my dad, and keeping Dead by Tomorrow up and running. And in all honesty, I've just been completely lazy on the blogging front.

THAT said, here's a podcast where we talk a little bit about just about everything, including A Leaf and Pebble, podcasts, airplanes, Axe and Bow marketing, and a lot of other stuff. Definitely go check out Joel's stuff, his quality is right up there with the big dogs and if you like podcasts you'll love his. YouTube: Were You Still Talking Podcast & Website: Were You Still Talking Facebook:

I hope you enjoy the episode! Much love fam, Andrew